Judy Oliver

Judy Oliver
Judy Oliver

Judy Oliver

I was elected, with Dick Shepherd, for Sheringham South in 2015.

I have successfully fought on-street parking meters, and am dealing with the Shannocks Hotel. I helped deliver a new Tourist Information Centre and public lavatories and introduced a stronger planning enforcement policy. I ran a pedestrianisation survey which I have just finished analysing, and have ambitious plans for a new facility at Splash.

But there is much more I want to do for Sheringham.  I will fight for a roundabout at the top of Holway Road, my survey has received positive responses so far; I will work with our Coastal Communities team on ideas to enhance Sheringham’s attractiveness and apply for funding.

And I will help establish the Deep History coast initiative in our town as yet another attraction for tourists and residents alike.

I will be better able to do these things and more, as your County Councillor.

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