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Rhodri Oliver

Rhodri Oliver


I am your candidate for Attleborough with the most experience in local government having served for 6 years.

There are three key issues which matter to me most:

First, I want to help bring in changes that improve the terrible traffic situation in our town through improvements to our highways infrastructure and eventually a ban on HGVs going through the town.

Secondly, I want to introduce a trial on our Queen’s Square car park which will stop people parking there all day and preventing people from shopping in our town. By keeping it free but restricting how long you can park there to two or three hours we can help our local businesses.

Thirdly I want to secure more funding for our critical social care services which help so many in and around Attleborough. This is a vital service which needs help.

I hope you will lend me your support.


My Priorities

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