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James Bensly

James Bensly

I am proud to have been selected as the Conservative candidate to contest the Norfolk County Council Elections for the East Flegg Division. Me and my family have connections in the local area that span over a hundred years. I’m a self employed, husband and father, I understand the challenges that people locally are facing. 

I have been working in our family business in Hemsby since I left Caister High School in 1994. After my selection in May 2015 I was privileged to be elected as a member of Great Yarmouth Borough Council for Hemsby, Winterton on sea and Somerton and I am now delighted to have been selected to stand as a Conservative candidate in the forthcoming Norfolk County Council elections. Electing a County Councillor to champion your views, support your needs and promote your interests is a very important matter to be considered as the County Councillors you elect will make important decisions that concern your everyday way of life. 

As a local resident who lives in Hemsby, I understand the importance of ensuring that our local businesses and commercial areas remain vibrant and profitable and that our roads and streets are both safe and clean. By electing me as your County Councillor, I pledge to work hard on your behalf and if you want your voice to be heard, please let me be the person that makes sure people are listening.

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