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Carl Smith

Carl Smith

Carl Smith  is delighted to have been re selected to stand as the Conservative Candidate in the County Council Election that is taking place on 6th May 2021. He has represented the Division for the past four years and is a very experienced Councillor. He is a local man who lives and works In Gorleston. His overriding interest is in the shared community he represents, our environment, our economy and our safety. He understands the importance of strong Local Government, working in partnership with the district and the county and the huge benefits that this brings to the local community. He wants to continue this hard work as your local champion and asks that you support him on the 6th May. 

Carl lives and works with his family in Gorleston. In 2015 he was elected on to the Great Yarmouth Borough Council representing the Bradwell North ward. He has since served as a Cabinet Member and is currently Chairman of the Environment Committee. Since being elected Carl has been working hard, dealing with the many issues that effect and concern our Local community.

Local Elections are all about the community ensuring residents have someone who speaks up for them listen and help them with their concerns. Carls concerns are our environment our economy and our safety. Supporting the residents to ensure they can access the services that they need which forms the very fabric of our Local Community.

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